Goblin Base Entertainment LLC is a small company that is currently working on several entertainment projects.

We can be reached at:

contact@goblinbase.com for general inquiries.

business@goblinbase.com for business/legal inquiries.

Members & Associates

Members Associates
Goblin Commander Goblin Janitor
Goblin Horde Keeper Goblin Agent
Goblin Illustrious Illustrator Goblin Enigma
Goblin Burgermeister Goblin Sauna Keeper
Goblin Detective

Company Policy

Publicly released company policies. “We,” “Our,” “The Company,” and “Goblin Base” all refer to Goblin Base Entertainment LLC. These policies may be subject to change at any point.

Zero-Tolerance Policy

  1. Zero-Tolerance subject matter includes, but is not limited to the following:
    1. Real-life political, social, ideological, etc. movements, parties, ideologies, or any other method of conveying personal beliefs beyonds the bounds of fiction.
    2. Anything that intends to ruin or defame Goblin Base, Goblin Base's intellectual property, and/or any Member or Associate of Goblin Base.
    3. Any material that is considered illegal and/or promotes illegal real-life behavior.
  2. Satire, parody, or any writing, etc. in Goblin Base projects does not reflect any endorsement, etc. of any Zero-Tolerance subject matter. The views expressed in the projects are those of the project author(s) and do not reflect those of The Company.
  3. Goblin Base will never talk about, endorse, promote, etc. any Zero-Tolerance subject matter.
  4. Goblin Base will never donate any money, goods, etc. to any organization, individual, etc.
  5. Goblin Base will never answer any questions, respond to any comments, etc. regarding Zero-Tolerance subject matter.
  6. Goblin Base may only answer questions, respond to comments, etc. that are deemed Relevant.
  7. Relevant questions/comments pertain to The Company’s projects and/or business inquiries and do not include anything related to Zero-Tolerance subject matter.
  8. Goblin Base communication channels exist solely to promote projects by Goblin Base, Fan-Works that follow Our guidelines, works licensed by Goblin Base and to answer/respond to Relevant questions/comments.
  9. No exceptions may be made for the Zero-Tolerance Policy.

Fan-Work Policy

  1. Fan-Works of Goblin Base properties that follow Our guidelines (i.e. follow Zero-Tolerance Policy, Style/World Guides, etc.) may be promoted by The Company. Those that do not follow them may not.
  2. Promoting Fan-Works involve posts by Goblin Base on Our website and other official media outlets displaying and linking to the work(s). Credit will be provided as necessary.
  3. Promotion of a Fan-Work is only an endorsement of the individual work itself. The views expressed in the work and by the creator(s) are their own and do not reflect those of Goblin Base.
  4. Promotions of Fan-Works may be taken down if the works are found to or are modified to include policy violations.
  5. The Company may contact any organization, individual, etc. using Goblin Base properties. Those Parties We find to be in violation of Goblin Base’s Zero-Tolerance Policies may be requested to cease their action(s)/work(s). Goblin Base may take legal action if deemed necessary.

Misc. Company Policy

  1. Goblin Base does not accept applications, requests, etc. to become a Member/Associate.
  2. Goblin Base is a privately held company and will not sell any of its ownership to any entity.
  3. Goblin Base Members can only relinquish their company ownership back to The Company itself. The ownership can not be transferred or sold to any other entity.
  4. Ownership of Goblin Base projects is determined by the work each Member/Associate contributes to projects.
  5. Goblin Base will not accept investments from third-parties.
  6. Goblin Base will not advertise third-party products, projects, services, etc. unless they are related to or are licensed by Goblin Base.
  7. Goblin Base will only link to external websites if they are being used to sell Goblin Base goods, to promote Goblin Base projects, or to provide sources for promoted fanworks.