Froz Challenger

About The Comic

Froz Challenger is a SciFi Action-Comedy webcomic that takes place in the Spess universe. The comic follows bounty hunters Froz Challenger and Wyatt Wycked along with their agent Clayton Natterjack. Froz and Wyatt are tasked with apprehending gangsters, thieves, monsters, lost pets, and whatever else Clayton thinks would be fun to watch.

The comic's first issue is still in pre-production. It'll be published on this website in the future.

Main Characters

Froz Challenger

Froz is well-meaning but naive, with some serious delusions about showmanship and heroics. Years of doing "bounty hunting" (glorified advertisements/publicity events with themed bad guys) against The Bureau of Villainy will do that to you. Froz doesn't really consider things like property damage when he fights bad guys. All that matters is that it looks good on TV and the people keep calling him a hero.

Wyatt Wycked

Wyatt is a lazy, opportunistic, pervert with a short temper who relies heavily on his latent magical abilities to get things done. Wyatt too enjoys being flashy on the job, but he also likes getting paid. He goes out of his way to make sure he doesn't get blamed for Froz's gung-ho disregard for collateral. Wyatt doesn't have the merch sales or popularity to afford breaking things.

Clayton Natterjack

Clayton is an oblivious narcissist with poor impulse control. He drags Froz and Wyatt around the galaxy to do all kinds of bounty hunting oddjobs, usually watching from a safe distance with binoculars and a bucket of popcorn. Other times, he sets them off on a job so he can go sightseeing. Clayton got his position out of sheer nepotism. His father is the CEO of the hunter agency, so nobody dares report him to sapient resources.

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